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Bolin Doors and Windows - Fold & Slide Series

Fold & Slide Series

As its name suggests, the Fold & Slide series is built with an easy pulling and sliding mechanism, allowing homes to achieve optimal space, maximum ventilation, and exceptional view.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Swing Series

Swing Series

Designed with a discreet drainage system, the Swing Series provides water and air tightness.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Sliding Series

Sliding Series

The Sliding Series is designed with stainless steel tracks for easy sliding of the door or window no matter how massive it may be in size. Engineered with a multi-point locking system, the Sliding Series also provides the best security for property.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Awning Series

Awning Series

The Awning Windows is hinged from the top opening outward, allowing more air to go out than in. This design is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Security Screen

Security Screen

Using world-class steel mesh, the Security Screen protects the property from immediate human intrusion.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Tilt and Turn Series

Tilt & Turn Series

With intelligent engineering, the Tilt & Turn Window offers dual functionality. It can simply be pulled open from the side, and it can also be tilted from the top.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Decorative Aluminum Bars

Decorative Aluminum Bars

The Decorative Aluminum Bars may be customized according to the client’s design which adds a personal touch to the property.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Specialty Windows

Specialty Windows

Bolin Doors and Windows is not only limited to the standard window designs but can also manufacture unique windows that will best suit the property.

Bolin Doors and Windows - Shutter Door

Shutter Door

High quality and cost effective galvalume steel with AZ150 Grade Regulation of surface treatment which serves as a protection layer for the effective prevention of rust for 10 years.